July 15: Seeing You in Person

Good morning,

Things are certainly feeling more “normal” this week.

The lobby reopened to the public and we held our first in-person supervisors meeting this morning. So far I’ve been able to talk with the crews from District 1, District 4 and Signals as part of my yard visit rotation and I plan to visit more groups in the coming months. It is just so nice to see people’s faces.

In addition, we are starting to plan our traditional in-person summer and fall events including community parades, Paint-A-Plow and Pancake Breakfast. More to come on all of these soon!

Lastly, after hearing feedback from employees, we are exploring options for an enhanced vision insurance plan in 2022. This is not as straightforward as the enhanced dental plan but we are committed to finding a good solution for everyone. Nicole and I will provide additional information as we work through this with our insurance broker.

Looks like we have more rain predicted in the next few days, here’s hoping the weather people are wrong and that the sun makes an appearance before Sunday.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend,


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