January 27: Winter Event, Summer Hours & Internships

Good afternoon,

This week has been a busy one! After getting almost 8 inches of snow Wednesday, our crews worked long hours and had a lot to do. This coming weekend, we anticipate another winter storm event and likely a full crew call in. Thank you in advance to our operations crew for sacrificing their free time to clear our roads! Your continued hard work to keep our roads safe and clear for the public is greatly appreciated and noticed.

Despite having one of our first winter storm events of 2023, we are also looking ahead to summer and construction season. This week, we determined that our summer hours will start Thursday, April 6 and end Wednesday, September 6. WCRC’s official business hours will be from 6 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Thursday during this time. Please remember to mark your calendar and take note of this change!

While looking ahead, I want to remind everyone that the Engineering and Operations departments are looking for student interns for the summer of 2023! For additional information, please reach out to Human Resources or check out the job postings on our website. Feel free to share this information with anyone you know who may be interested in or qualified for the position.

If you have to travel this weekend, please remember to take it easy and drive slow.

Stay safe & stay warm!