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Get to Know Your Road Commissioners: Rod Green

By February 11, 2020Articles

Commissioner Rod Green loves people. This is a very good thing since as a pastor, lawyer, former township trustee and now road commissioner, he works with people every day in Washtenaw County throughout SE Michigan to solve problems. Commissioner Green was appointed to the Washtenaw County Board of Road Commissioners in July 2018 to serve out the remaining term of Bill McFarlane, who retired in June 2018.

Commissioner Green has been interested in roads for a long time. The importance of good roads really hit home for him during mission trips to Haiti, Malawi and Kenya. One specific situation weighs heavily on his mind – he was traveling in Haiti and he came upon a school bus full of children stuck in a muddy ditch. It took four hours and more than 40 people to free the bus. Commissioner Green’s heart was broken to see such barriers just to get children to school. This event emphasized how important good roads are to everyone. He brings this experience and many others with him into every discussion at WCRC.

Commissioner Green’s favorite part of being a road commissioner is talking with people, he really enjoys the new “Chat with the Road Commission” events hosted at WCRC on the first and third Tuesday of the month. He likes the opportunity to listen to people’s concerns and to talk about what WCRC is doing to improve the road system in Washtenaw County. Click here to learn more about these events.

When asked what he wishes more people knew about WCRC, Commissioner Green responded, “We are a caring organization, we care about roads, townships, residents and citizens just as much as anyone else. We are listening and we are trying to respond in the best way possible – that’s what it is all about – people helping people.”

That is what it’s all about. Click here to read more about Commissioner Green and your other road commissioners.

Over the next few month, WCRC will share profiles of each road commissioner. Stay tuned!