February 3: Groundhog Day & Operations Thank You!

Good morning,

As we step into the month of February, I want to remind you that February is American Heart Health month! This is a time dedicated towards educating others on heart disease, cardiovascular health and signs of a heart attack. Heart disease mortality is increasing in working age-adults, and our audience here at WCRC fits well into that category. Whether it’s going for a walk or run, making a healthy meal or quitting bad habits like smoking, I encourage each of you to find ways to participate in the heart health campaign.

On another note, yesterday was Groundhog Day! Unfortunately, the little guy saw his shadow and the superstition is that we can expect about 6 more weeks of winter. Good thing we are geared up and ready for whatever mother nature has for us!

Thank you once again to our operations crews for all the long hours you have worked over the past week. Your work is invaluable to our community and greatly appreciated. Check out the special thank you from Symon’s Elementary School in the closing statement! I hope you all get to enjoy this bright and sunny weekend, and happy Friday.