December 21: End of the Year Wishes and Updated Policies

Good morning,

Well, based on the latest weather forecasts, this may be turning into a very busy holiday weekend.

I want to preemptively thank everyone involved in winter maintenance over the next few days. Being away from family and friends over the holidays is a huge sacrifice. Please know that your work is valued and so very important. Please be careful in these challenging conditions, we want you going home safe to your families.

With that being said, it has already been a heck of a year. I encourage you to check out our 2022 Annual Report to the Community for a nice summary of the year. This report has been distributed to state, county and township officials and it is also posted to our website (click here).

I’m also pleased to share that yesterday, our board updated two policies that now apply to all employees, including those represented by TPOAM.

  1. Paid Parental Leave – One week of paid leave immediately following the birth, adoption or granting of guardianship of a child
  2. Annual Leave Conversion – Allows additional annual leave, up to 80 hours, to be converted into a lump sum payment into any approved deferred compensation plan (457 account).

If you have any questions about either of these policies, please reach out to Nicole or Alicia.

Finally, today is Emily Kizer’s last day and I would like to thank her for all that she has done for us over the past 5 years. Not only has she served as the spokesperson for WCRC, she also led our public relations efforts such as big truck events and parades as well as coordinated employee events such as our fall appreciation breakfast and spring training days. She is highly professional and brings positive energy to everything she does. We wish her all the best on her new adventure. She will be missed.

Thank you again for all your efforts this year and especially this weekend.

Take care and stay safe,


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