August 17: New Managing Director & Professional Development Opportunities

Good morning,

Once again, it’s been a busy week. As I shared earlier this week, the Board selected Matt MacDonell as their final candidate for the managing director position. As soon as all the details are confirmed, we will send out a formal announcement but please congratulate Matt if you see him.

Work continued on many of our projects as well. Crews have spent the week spreading limestone, performing forestry operations and drainage improvements. We are also working hard to complete the Bemis Rd/Whittaker Rd roundabout and Parker Rd culvert prior to school starting, in addition to plenty of paving projects in York & Superior Townships. Next week, our crews will be starting a resurfacing project on Huron River Dr in Ann Arbor & Superior Townships, as well as replacement of the Old US-12 culvert in Sylvan Township. It’s clearly the height of construction season!

On a different front, Tiffany Lobbestael and Emma Sharpe attended the Michigan Public Service Institute (MPSI) training for administrative assistants. This training complements the concepts taught during the MPSI leadership program that many of our supervisors have attended and the topics we covered at our spring training earlier this year. Training is an important part of our employee development and ongoing improvement of our organization. If you have ideas for training that you think will help you better perform your job or grow within our organization, please talk to your supervisor. Some training is formal such as the MPSI programs. But other opportunities can be provided by working with a more experienced co-worker, online training modules or bringing in an expert to give us guidance on best practices. Of course, we also have our job shadowing program if you are interested in what others are doing here at WCRC as well as tuition reimbursement if you would like to pursue more formal education. If you have any questions about these opportunities, please reach out to our human resources team. Overall, we really hope to achieve the best workforce possible!

Looks like we have a wonderful summer weekend ahead. Please get out and enjoy it!

Take care and stay safe,