April 7: Guidance on Cloth Face Coverings

April 7, 2020 

Good Afternoon,  

WellI am pleased to share that we successfully hosted our first virtual board meeting this afternoon. During the meetingour road commissioners expressed their deep appreciation of the work each of you are doing and the dedication displayed during these unprecedented times.  

As a follow-up to yesterday, we continue to work with the county on appropriate protocols for wearing face masks or some form of face covering whenever we are in a community setting. We were able to secure a limited number of face masks from the county and are working on a distribution plan to get them to employees who are still working amongst the public. We have also placed an order that we expect to receive in the next few weeks. As you know, there is a nation-wide shortage of these supplies but are doing our best to acquire what we can. In addition, if you have a personal face covering that you want to wear, you are welcome to do soclick here for the CDC guidelines on cloth face coverings.   

I’d like to share another story from a co-worker. This comes from John Posegay, permits coordinator and weighmaster. John and his family have found creative ways to stay connected including Facetiming with his granddaughter, Celeste, sharing virtual dinners with his daughter, Becky and having backyard picnics with his wife, Val. 

 “The other day when Val was facetiming Celeste; Val said she was going to get going and hang up.  Celeste said ‘no’, she was the one going to get going and hang up. 😊  A chip off the old block.”

Thanks to John for sharing these strategies, I agree, video calls are a great option for now. And we are all looking forward to the days when we can hug our families tight! 

If you have found other fun or creative ways to cope, please send me your stories.  

As always, thank you for everything that you do. 

Take care and stay safe 


John's Granddaughter