April 28: Changes to WCRC Safety

Good morning,

I’m pleased to share that Kraig Timmer, our new safety coordinator started on Monday. Kraig comes to us from the Indiana Toll Road where he was an environmental health and safety analyst. If you have not met him yet, you will soon.

As we start to onboard Kraig, I thought it would be a good time to talk about our vision for safety here at WCRC. Like many government agencies, our safety culture has been evolving. Given changes in our industry and community and urging from the safety committee, we felt it was time to further enhance and formalize our safety culture by adding a professional dedicated to this topic.

Kraig will be coordinating the organization’s efforts to make WCRC a safer place. His cubical is on the first floor of the administration building but he will often be out in the field with you all. He is a part of the HR section to emphasize that he serves the entire organization, not just one department or one type of work. With Kraig’s help, we plan to organize a more formal and in-depth training program along with updating many of our safety-related practices and procedures.

If you have questions or ideas for Kraig, please email [email protected] or call (734) 327-6658 or click here to submit a safety suggestion. The safety committee will continue to meet monthly with Kraig as a member.

With all this being said, safety remains a part of each of our jobs. We must continue to work together to achieve our safety goals.



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