April 27: Legislative Breakfast & Main Yard Salt Barn

Good morning,

With the recent drop in temperatures and light snow, it’s hard to believe we are heading into the month of May! However, it is springtime in Michigan, so anything is to be expected. With that being said, our operations crews have been working hard to maintain our unpaved roads this week with dust control applications starting in Dexter, Freedom and Northfield Townships.

On Monday, WCRC hosted a legislative breakfast where our Road Commissioners and Senior Leadership provided information about our commission and general road maintenance to our state representatives and senators. This was a great opportunity for our organization to stay in touch with those who are making decisions that affect us, such as road funding (especially for local roads), worker safety (automated work zones) and environmental issues (use of brine).

On another note, we attended a preconstruction meeting with Scio Township for the Main Yard salt barn. Next week we expect to have a site survey done for the location of the building and hope to break ground with construction shortly! Let’s keep our fingers crossed things go smoothly.

As a reminder, the State of Michigan is decreasing the 2023 Michigan income tax rate from 4.25% to 4.05%. Payroll is making this change effective for the May 10, 2023, check date. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, reach out to Dan Ackerman.

It looks like we have another weekend of mixed weather ahead of us. Again, welcome to spring in Michigan.

Take care & stay dry,