April 25: Spring Training, Projects & Employee Engagement Survey

Good afternoon,  

It was so nice to see everyone at the Spring Training event on Monday! I hope you all enjoyed the presentations and team bonding exercises. Thank you to those who filled out the Spring Training evaluation survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help improve our future organizational events.  

This week, our operations crews were kept busy with culvert replacement projects on Ellsworth Rd in Lodi Township, as well as on Harris Rd in Superior Township. Additionally, crews continued the stone haul taking place on Joy Rd in Ann Arbor & Northfield Townships and began dust control operations throughout the county. Keep up the great work!  

The Parker Rd resurfacing project in Lima & Scio Townships began this week. Installation of the traffic signal at Ellsworth Rd and Oak Valley Dr in Pittsfield Township is ongoing, as well at the traffic signal work taking place at Ford Blvd and Russell St in Ypsilanti Township. Additionally, the Huron River Dr non-motorized pathway construction continues for the Border-to-Border pathway along the Huron River in Scio Township.  

Lastly, I would like to remind you that an Employee Engagement Survey was issued this week for staff. This survey is presented by Gallup and our Human Resources team to gauge feedback regarding our organization. I encourage you to participate in this voluntary survey – please check your email or reach out to your supervisor for more information on how to participate in this survey. 

Have a great weekend,