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Special Assessment Districts

By August 15, 2013Articles

The number Special Assessment Districts (SAD’s) for road improvements continue to increase each year, as property owners in subdivisions are educated on how very little of their tax dollars are collected for local subdivision roads ($1,500/yr/mile rural and $3,000/yr/mile urban).  The Road Commission encourages initial informational meetings with property owners so they can make an informed decision if they are willing to pay for a Special Assessment to improve the subdivision roads within their community.
This year, Road Commission staff has met with property owners in Scio, Dexter, Lodi and Northfield townships about potential SAD’s.  The Road Commission and Scio Township will be partnering on four SAD’s for 2013.  In addition, Scio Township is considering a Township wide Special Assessment District to fund road improvements on their local collector gravel roads and to fund the preventive maintenance of the subdivisions that were already reconstructed through a SAD process.   As we have experienced, most citizens of Washtenaw County, and probably every other County in Michigan, do not have a thorough understanding of how roads are funded and how very little money is available to maintain their subdivision roads.   The SAD process allows the property owner to decide if they are willing to pay for road improvements in their neighborhood.