There are two ways to submit a permit application.

Option 1: Online Form. Please click the blue button on the desired right-of-way permit to begin completing the online application.

Option 2: Email or Drop off a Printed PDF. Please use the PDF format of the permit application linked below.  You can either e-mail the completed PDF to or drop off the permit (with payment) to our office at 555 N. Zeeb Road.

As of March 13, 2020, WCRC will also temporarily allow electronic submittals of plans during the permit process. Email plan submittals to

Still have questions? Call the Permits Office at (734) 327-6642.

Commercial Driveway Permit

Download Commercial Driveway Permit Application 

Work examples: Commercial Driveway, Farm Field Driveway, Temporary Construction Driveway, Private Road, Public Road, & Upgrade Existing.

Residential Permit

Download Residential Permit Application

Work examples: New Residential Driveway with Curb & Gutter, New Residential Driveway with Shoulder/Ditch, Shared Residential Driveway, & Upgrade Existing

Utility Permit

Download Utility Permit Application

Download Annual Blanket Util. Maint./Surveying Permit

Work examples: Overhead Utility, Underground Utility, Sanitary Sewer, Water Main, Storm Water, & Service Connections

Miscellaneous Permit

Download Misc. Permit Application

Examples: Grading, Drainage, Soil Borings, Survey, Road Closure/Parade, Maintenance of Traffic, Monitoring Well, Landscaping, Tree Removal or Installation, & Winter Maintenance