Modern Roundabouts

Studies show that roundabouts are one of the safest intersection options available. Roundabouts have also been proven to safely decrease traffic delays and congestion. When selected and designed correctly, roundabouts can accommodate a high volume of traffic, including commercial trucks and large emergency vehicles.

The main characteristic of a modern roundabout is the “yield-at-entry” rule. Vehicles in the roundabout have the right of way. You do not merge into a roundabout like you merge onto a highway. You must slow down and yield, or sometimes stop, to traffic that is circulating the roundabout and enter the roundabout when a safe gap is present. Click to read our "All About Roundabouts" brochure. 

When designed correctly, modern roundabouts can have multiple advantages over signalized intersections. Click to read more.

There are a few key points to remember when driving roundabouts:

  • Yield, Don’t Merge: Vehicles traveling in the roundabout have the right-of-way. Do not merge into a roundabout like you merge onto a highway. Slow down and yield, or sometimes stop, for traffic that is circulating the roundabout. Enter the roundabout when a safe gap is present. 
  • Slow Down: Roundabouts are designed to reduce your speed upon entry. While it may seem counterintuitive, slowing down in a roundabout actually alleviates congestion. Slower speeds also make roundabouts safer than traditional intersections.
  • Do Not Switch Lanes in Roundabouts: It is important to choose your lane prior to entering the roundabout. All multi-lane roundabouts have signs that indicate which lane you should be in to reach your destination. Look for signage as you approach and avoid changing lanes while circulating in the roundabout. 

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The signage placed at roundabouts is designed to help motorists enter and travel safely through a roundabout. Click to read more. 

Map of Washtenaw County Roundabouts & Upcoming Projects

There are currently 15 roundabouts located in Washtenaw County and 5 planned for construction.

Upcoming Roundabouts include: 

  • Ann Arbor-Saline Rd & Textile Rd (2016)
  • Whittaker Rd & Merritt Rd (2016)
  • M-52 & Werkner Rd (2016 - MDOT Project)
  • Scio Church Rd & Wagner Rd (2017) 
  • US 23 & North Territorial Rd (2017- MDOT Project)  
  • US 23 & 8 Mile Rd (2017 - MDOT Project)

Modern roundabouts are being designed and built at intersections all over the United States. This section includes links to websites, books, publications, guidelines, and articles related to modern roundabouts.