Staff Directory

Name Email Job Title Phone Department
Ackerman, Dan Director of Finance 734.327.6651 Finance
Balkwell, Tracy Finance Clerk 734.327.6657 Finance
Bernbeck, Mike Engineer 734.327.6654 Operations
Borrego, Angela Permits Clerk 734.327.6642 Permits/Subdivision
Brochue, Curtis Right-of-Way Specialist 734.327.6686 Project Development
Butler, Kent Systems Analyst (734) 327-6649 Administration
Champion, Greg Engineering Technician 734.327.6689 Construction
Doyle, Katherine Information Technology Manager 734.327.6699 Information Technology
Freeman, Roark Foreman - District 4 734.428.7610 Operations
Fuller, Barbara Vice Chair of the Board 734.761.1500 Commissioner
Fuller, Douglas Chair of the Board 734.260.7941 Commissioner
Gorris, Alan Engineering Technician 734.327.6683 Construction
Grubb, Tony Foreman - District 1 734.327.6663 Operations
Hackbarth, Lori Payroll Clerk 734.327.6655 Finance
Harmon, Jim Director of Operations 734.327.6653 Operations
Harris, Ken Assistant Superintendent of Maintenance 734.327.6696 Operations
Hopkins, Kent Facilities Supervisor 734.761.1664 Operations
Houle, Becky Engineering Technician 734.327.6678 Traffic & Safety
Hui, James Engineer 734.327.6660 Construction
Jones, Kelly Senior Project Manager - Construction 734.327.6647 Construction
Kelly, Alicia Administrative Coordinator 734.327.6656 Finance
Kint, David Foreman - State Trunkline 734.327.6665 Operations
Knight, Jason Engineering Technician 734.327.6681 Traffic & Safety
Lape, Adam Assistant Superintendent of Maintenance 734-327-6697 Operations
Livsey, Mike Equipment Maintenance Supervisor 734.327.6669 Operations