The Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) aspires to be a premier transportation agency providing a high-quality system of roads and bridges through efficient maintenance, fiscal responsibility, and innovative planning and improvement strategies. Future projects are identified through an annual planning process resulting in a document called the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which maps out investments over a five year period.

The CIP typically addresses investments in excess of $100,000 and may include road and bridge projects, as well as facility and equipment purchases.  Due to funding restrictions based on the functional class of a roadway (primary or local), most of the road and bridge projects identified in the CIP are located on the primary road system, which includes many of the major roads in the county.

There are over 1,000 miles of local roads in Washtenaw County, which includes subdivision roads. Due to a lack of adequate funds for local roads, WCRC established a Local Road Matching Program. Annually, WCRC offers each township local matching funds to promote partnership and encourage investment in local roads.

In order to address needed road repairs in subdivisions, citizens and business owners have turned to Special Assessment Districts (S.A.D.) to raise funds to repair local roads. S.A.D.s are a designated area where a majority of property owners agree to allow a government agency to levy a property tax in exchange for a specific service. In the case of WCRC, the specific service is the improvement of public roads. To learn more about Special Assessment Districts, click here.

For more on future road planning in Washtenaw County, visit the Washtenaw Area Transportation Study’s website (

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The Washtenaw County Road Commission’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a dynamic document that is revised and approved by the Board of County Road Commissioners on an annual basis. The CIP outlines a blueprint for maintaining and preserving the county’s road and bridge network as well as identifying large facility improvements and equipment purchases. Projects are considered based on pavement conditions, traffic patterns, public feedback, grant eligibility, and how much money is available.

An integral part of developing the future CIP is soliciting input from local units of government and other interested parties.  To request a road improvement project to WCRC for CIP consideration, click here.

Projects that meet the following criteria may be included in the CIP:

  • Be consistent with: (1) an adopted or anticipated component of county or township plan, (2) a state or federal requirement, or (3) a WCRC approved policy.
  • Constitute a permanent, physical or system improvement in excess of $100,000; a significant equipment purchase in excess of $100,000 with a useful life of at least ten years; or a study of at least $100,000 that will lead to such project.
  • Add to the value or capacity of the county road network.

To view the current 2018-2022 CIP project list, click here.

For questions about future road projects of the Capital Improvement Plan process, please contact: Matthew MacDonell, Director of Engineering,

Previous Year CIP Reports

Local Road Matching Program

While state and federal funds provide a majority of WCRC’s revenue, these funds frequently go towards the improvement of primary roads, not local roads.  The amount of state funding provided to local roads is often only enough to fund winter maintenance and pothole patching.

Due to a lack of adequate funds for the improvement of local roads, WCRC established a Local Road Matching Program. Annually, WCRC offers each township local matching funds to promote partnership and encourage investment in local roads. WCRC shares approximately 50% of the cost of identified local road improvement and maintenance projects with the township. Townships typically invest $5-7 million annually into our road network have historically been WCRC’s biggest partners in improving local roads.

Current Projects

Click to view a list and map of this year’s road improvement projects.

Four-Year Road Millage

Click to learn more about Washtenaw County’s road & non-motorized path millage.