The Washtenaw County Road Commission’s (WCRC’s) Traffic & Safety division is responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining traffic signals, signs, speed bumps and pavement markings. The division’s goal is to provide safe and efficient movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on roads under the jurisdiction of WCRC.

WCRC’s Traffic & Safety Department

  • Conducts traffic studies to determine appropriate traffic controls
  • Investigates vehicular accidents
  • Monitors and analyzes crash data
  • Installs/maintains traffic signs, signals, and pavement markings

If a traffic signal is dark, or a stop sign is knocked down, please contact us immediately at (734) 761-1500. If you are reporting a damaged sign, signal or worn pavement markings, please visit our Report an Issue page.

If you are requesting a new traffic sign or signal, WCRC will process a Citizen Request and conduct a study to see if the area meets warrants for a sign, signal, or guardrail. Requests generally take two to three months to complete.  To begin the process, please contact