There are two ways to submit a permit application.

Option 1: Online Form. Please click the blue button on the desired right-of-way permit to begin completing the online application.

Option 2: Email or Drop off a Printed PDF. Please use the PDF format of the permit application linked below.  You can either e-mail the completed PDF to or drop off the permit (with payment) to our office at 555 N. Zeeb Road.

Still have questions? Call the Permits Office at (734) 327-6642.

Commercial Driveway Permit

Download Commercial Driveway Permit Application 

Work examples: Commercial Driveway, Farm Field Driveway, Temporary Construction Driveway, Private Road, Public Road, & Upgrade Existing.

Residential Permit

Download Residential Permit Application

Work examples: New Residential Driveway with Curb & Gutter, New Residential Driveway with Shoulder/Ditch, Shared Residential Driveway, & Upgrade Existing

Utility Permit

Download Utility Permit Application

Download Annual Blanket Util. Maint./Surveying Permit

Work examples: Overhead Utility, Underground Utility, Sanitary Sewer, Water Main, Storm Water, & Service Connections

Miscellaneous Permit

Download Misc. Permit Application

Examples: Grading, Drainage, Soil Borings, Survey, Road Closure/Parade, Maintenance of Traffic, Monitoring Well, Landscaping, Tree Removal or Installation, & Winter Maintenance