The Washtenaw County Road Commission is responsible for processing a wide range of right-of-way and transportation permits. The permitting process is outlined in the Procedures & Regulations For Permit Activities.

A right of way permit is required for any work being performed in the road right of way.

Transportation permits are required for commercial vehicle traffic using county roads which exceed the size and/or weight limitations specified by law.  Please refer to the WCRC Truck Operator’s Map. Starting January 3, 2018, all transportation permits must be submitted via See links below for more information.

The statutory authority of WCRC to require compliance with permit requirements is predicated upon its jurisdictional authority and is set forth in various statutes.

Questions? Contact the Permits Office at (734) 327-6642.

Right of Way Permit Applications

Commercial Driveway, Residential Driveway, Utility, and Miscellaneous