Welcome to Our New Look

Washtenaw County Road Commission is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website with a dynamic, new look.

Our old website served us well for many years, but technology continues to develop and with this redesign we will be able to take advantage of the most current tools making our agency even more streamlined while continuing the level of customer service that our constituents have come to expect.

With a drastically reduced staffing level our current website had become cumbersome. As our site was also due for a new, fresh look, this was the perfect time to convert our website into a web content management system. This type of database software system simplifies collaboration and provides administration tools designed to offer “non-technical users” relative ease in creating and managing website content.

The road commission agreed on an open solution called Drupal that has been gaining favor among local, state, and federal agencies. Drupal is an open source model, so it eliminates any costly licensing fees or vendor lock-ins. Drupal powers more than 150 sites for the federal government, including the White House; the House of Representatives; NASA; and the departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, Health, Defense, Justice, Transportation, Homeland Security and Agriculture.

With both a recommendation from our web-host and the success of numerous federal government sites the Road Commission was convinced that this was a sound step in moving forward.

As our previous site had received numerous praises for its ease of use, it was important for us to preserve our basic navigational structure for recognition and easy transition for our viewers. But we took it a step further in offering drop down navigational tools, uniformity in quick links, and accessibility based on analysis of viewer’s habits and searches.

What are some things to check out?

  • Our new site has a modern layout and design; it is optimized to view it in multiple devices including your smart phone!

  • We have included a new bridge map similar to our very popular road map for major projects and closures. This new additional map will highlight our recently completed, current, and upcoming bridge projects as well as links to all of our bridges’ inspection reports.

  • We’ve added a new page for quick access to all of our organizational pamphlets and brochures.

  • Our new dashboard, a work in progress, offers enhanced government transparency by providing more information that is easily accessed. This tool provides a quick assessment of ours and other road commission’s performance in key areas. Additional information will become available as the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council continues its development.

Welcome to our new website! We hope that you find the new format and features beneficial. If you have any questions or comments about the site please let us know by emailing wcrc@wcroads.org