Sec.7 - Acceptance of Roads

7.1 Final Inspection of Completed Construction

After the interim stages of construction has been completed, inspected, and approved by the Construction Engineer and the WCRC inspector and a written request for final inspection is received WCRC staff will inspect the completed construction and provide a punch list of items to be corrected to the Developer and the Construction Engineer for further action.  

7.2 Acceptance of Completed Roads


The Construction Engineer shall provide a certification letter (see Appendix) certifying that he or she has personally directed the observation/inspection and that all construction has been built in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.  The Construction Engineer shall submit all test reports and certify that they verify the adequacy of materials and installation in accordance with the MDOT Materials Sampling Guide and MDOT Standard Specifications. The Construction Engineer shall provide a Professional Surveyor’s signed and sealed certification that all the survey monuments are properly installed and recorded where applicable. WCRC will review the submitted information, may consult those responsible for providing the information contained in the submittals and/or ask for additional information, and make a recommendation to the Board regarding acceptance of roads once all required submittals and information has been provided. 


The Construction Engineer shall provide a letter from the WCWRC stating that the storm drainage system installed as part of the development has been approved and will be accepted as part of the County drainage system.  A letter of “Construction Acceptance” from the WCWRC will be considered acceptable.


The final inspection must take place between April 15 and November 15.  Road acceptance will not be considered between the first Board meeting in December of any year and the first Board meeting in April of the following year.


If the final inspection reveals that the work is not completed to the satisfaction of WCRC the Developer will be notified of any deficiencies by means of a punch list.  WCRC will conduct a re-inspection of the work after being notified that the deficiencies have been corrected.


All driveways installed prior to acceptance of the roads shall be constructed in accordance with WCRC standards.  The Construction Engineer shall certify all such driveway construction and compliance with sight distance requirements.  The Developer shall be responsible for repair or replacement of improperly installed driveways, including those of homeowners when applicable. 


If a temporary turnaround in any phase of development is required in order to provide access for WCRC maintenance, such turnaround must be completed prior to acceptance of roads.


Permanent benchmarks are required and must be in place before acceptance.


Permanent benchmarks are required and must be in place before acceptance.


If any landscaping items other than conventional grading and seeding have been placed in the right-of-way the Developer shall ensure their compliance with all applicable standards before acceptance of the roads.


After WCRC has completed the final visual inspection and approved the construction, and all other required submittals are approved, WCRC staff will recommend to the Board acceptance of the roads into the County road system.  Approval of any phase of construction does not guarantee acceptance by the Board of any other phase or relieve the Developer of responsibilities and liabilities inherent in developing a parcel of land.


If a deficit exists in the Developer’s Administration and Inspection Fee account prior to road acceptance, the Developer shall pay all sums due before acceptance of the roads.  After the roads are accepted by the Board any balance in the Administration and Inspection Fee account will be promptly returned.  


After the roads are accepted by the Board the Developer’s Completion Guarantee will be promptly released.


WCRC shall install permanent traffic control devices after acceptance of the roads.


Procedures & Regulations for Developing Public Roads, effective August 6, 2014