Sec.3 - Order of Procedure

The following steps, which will be explained in detail in subsequent sections, will be followed by the WCRC when considering a subdivision project that involves proposed additions to the public road system. At various stages of the following procedures, the WCRC will require a 30-day review period for plans and supporting information to be submitted for formal Board action. All items required to support a Developer's request must be submitted at least 14 days in advance of a scheduled Board meeting in order to assure that the request can be adequately considered before the meeting.

  1. SAC Review
  2. Preliminary Plat Approval
  3. Road and Drainage Plan Approval
  4. Pre-Construction Meeting and Permit Issuance
  5. Construction
  6. Final Plat Approval
  7. Final Inspection Approval and Acceptance of Proposed Public Roads

Procedures & Regulations for Developing Public Roads, effective October, 19 2004