Sec.1 - Introduction

This document contains detailed procedures and regulations for proposed public roads to be constructed within Washtenaw County.  The publication is intended to assist design professionals, Township officials, WCRC staff, and members of the Board of County Road Commissioners who may ultimately approve and accept new roads into the WCRC public road system.  WCRC will only approve for acceptance into the public road proposed roads that demonstrate benefit to the local community and the general public interest. WCRC will review for acceptance only those proposed public roads which are included in proposed platted subdivisions.  Site Condominium and land division projects such as lot splits shall be developed using private roads.

The scope of this document includes only proposed roads within those parcels of land located outside the corporate limits of all cities and villages within Washtenaw County and which would, if accepted, be subject to the jurisdiction of the Board of County Road Commissioners of the County of Washtenaw, State of Michigan.

This document as adopted by resolution RC14-304 by the Board of County Road Commissioners at its meeting held on August 5, 2014, replaces and supersedes the previous publication, Procedures and Regulations for Developing Public Roads, dated October 19, 2004.

The content of this document does not supersede any part of MCL 560.101 (Public Act 288 of 1967) as amended, commonly known as the Land Division Act, and is intended for use only as an instrument to expedite review of proposed public road developments to be constructed within Washtenaw County.

If any part of these rules and regulations shall be found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void or illegal, no such finding shall in any way affect, impair or invalidate any other provision contained in these rules and regulations, and such other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.  To this end, these rules and regulations are declared severable. 

In the event that the standards contained herein change between the approval date of a Preliminary Plat and submission of Road & Drainage Plans for a particular development or phase of a development, the standards in effect when the Road & Drainage Plans are submitted shall apply.

Procedures & Regulations for Developing Public Roads, effective August 6, 2014