About Engineering

The Engineering Department is responsible for providing engineering and technical services for road improvement projects on the county road system. This work involves reviewing and preparing plans, specification and bidding documents for road, bridge and other public improvements projects; conducting meetings with representatives of public and private agencies regarding projects of mutual interest; and exercising general supervision over all construction to ensure compliance with plans and specifications. In addition, engineering staff coordinates projects between the County, Cities and Townships and the Michigan Department of Transportation, including road improvement requests originating from cities and townships that impact county roads.

The Engineering Department consists of 42 highly qualified staff in various areas of expertise: Construction; Permits & Subdivisions, Project Development which includes Design, Planning, Right-of-Way, and Survey; and Traffic & Safety. Each of these sections has a variety of individual responsibilities but also coordinates to produce high quality road and bridge improvements on the county road system.

Permits & Construction

Construction - Manages activities related to the reconstruction of roads and bridges under Washtenaw County Road Commission jurisdiction. 

Permits - Permits is responsible for processing a wide range of permit.

Subdivisions - Subdivisions is responsible for administering public road development.  

Project Development

Design - Design is responsible for plans, specifications and contract documents for road and bridge projects.

Planning - Oversees the Capital Improvement Plan, Asset Management Program, and Storm-water Management Program.

Right of Way - Land purchases, right-of-way easement acquisitions, land swapping and relocation requirements.

Survey - Survey is responsible for construction staking, mapping for design, legal descriptions, abandonments, remonumentation, and other support services.

Traffic & Safety

Traffic & Safety - The Traffic & Safety Section maintains traffic as well as, installing, repairing, and maintaining traffic control signs, and maintaining long-line pavement marking.