About Administration

Roy D. Townsend is the Managing Director of the Washtenaw County Road Commission who oversees various functions and services in the Office of Administration.  Some of these functions encompass the responsibilities and ongoing activities of the Board of County Road Commissioners, Finance, Human Resources, Community Relations/Public Information, and Information Technology. A brief summary of these responsibilities are listed below.

The Board of County Road Commissioners

The Board of County Road Commissioners is an administrative board that is limited to the formulation of policy and performance duties imposed by law and delegated by the Washtenaw County Board of Road Commissioners.  (View the Vision Statement and Guiding Principles adopted by the Commission on December 1, 2005.)

Finance Office

The Finance Section prepares and monitors the annual budget in compliance with Public Act 51 of 1951; explores ways to reduce the costs of operations, employs cost-effective solutions to project financing, and oversees payables and receivables.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Section administers all of the employment programs, including recruitment, training, health care and other employee benefits, for non-union and bargaining unit employees. Human Resources also administers the safety programs, workers compensation, Title VI, and Equal Opportunity Employment.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Section maintains effective agency-wide technology systems to enhance the operations, reporting, and decision-making process.