Sec.9 - Adopt-A-County Road Program

9.1 Introduction


Adopt-A-County Road is a program coordinated by the WCRC and designed to keep the County's roadsides clean and attractive. Participants "adopt" a section of county road of their choice. Participants are asked to adopt at least two miles and clean both sides of the roadway periodically for a period of at least two years. The participant's name will be publicized on Adopt-A-County Road signs at an appropriate location within the portion of roadway adopted.

9.2 Authorized Applicants


Permits will be issued only to groups consisting of at least seven participants. All participants must be at least 18 years of age. Typical qualifying organizations include college fraternities and sororities, small and large businesses, churches, and service organizations who wish to help keep our roadsides clean and free of unsightly debris.

9.3 General Procedures


Only paved, primary roadways under the jurisdiction of the WCRC may be adopted under this program. Free permits for litter pickup will be issued by the Permit Section. Permits will be issued to a group for a 2-year period. The Permit Section will assign sections of roadways to adopting groups. Assignments will be made on a first come/first served basis. Groups must agree to pick up litter three (3) times a year during designated dates. Groups are required to adopt, at a minimum, a 2-mile section of road (both sides). Less than 2-mile sections may be adopted with Permit Section approval, but in such case identification signs may not be provided. A permit must be placed on file at the Permit Section to participate in the Adopt-ACounty Road program. No permit fee will be charged to Adopt-A-County Road.


The Applicant's group coordinator shall hold a safety meeting prior to each and every pickup day. The meeting shall be conducted by the group coordinator with the Permit Section supplied literature and video. All participants must sign a form acknowledging the training prior to participation. Forms shall be sent to the WCRC annually and kept on file at the Permit Section.


The WCRC will provide, install, and maintain signs noting the program and the Applicant. Only two (2) identification signs per adopted section are allowed. These will be located near the beginning point from each direction. Missing or vandalized signs will be replaced one (1) time only.


The Permit Holder, upon request of the Permit Section made at any time, shall immediately cease operations and surrender this permit.


Applicants failing to follow the terms, conditions and specifications of the permit or not participating in litter pickups for two (2) periods of the year will have their permit revoked. A warning will follow the first pickup date missed, the second occurrence will result in permit revocation. The Permit Section shall retain the right to revoke any permit at any time.


Applicant shall notify the Permit Section immediately of intent to drop the program. All safety vests and unused garbage bags and gloves must be returned to the Permit Section when an Applicant withdraws from the program.


After each pickup, the Applicant's group coordinator shall file reports detailing the participants involved, number of bags of litter picked up, hours spent, etc. The Permit Section will furnish pre-printed forms for making the reports.


The Applicant may voluntarily withdraw from the program without jeopardizing a future application, upon notification to the Permit Section.

9.4 Indemnity, Hold Harmless/Release and Assumption of Risk


The Applicant and each participant shall hold harmless and indemnify the WCRC from all claims, suits and judgments to which the WCRC may be subject, and for all costs and actual attorney fees which may be incurred on account of injury to persons or damage to property, including property of the WCRC, whether due in whole or in part to the negligence of the Participant, the WCRC, and/or others, arising out of or related to Participant's participation in the Adopt-A-County Road Program.

9.5 Conditions & Limitations


Issuance of this permit does not relieve the Applicant from meeting any and all requirements of the law, or of other public bodies or agencies.


This permit is not assignable or transferable unless specifically authorized by the Permit Section.


All participants shall wear safety vests, provided by the WCRC, while working in the right-ofway. The Permit Section will supply safety vests, gloves and advance warning signs prior to the first pickup day. Thereafter, the adopting group shall replace any vests at its own expense. Additional vests may be supplied by the WCRC for a nominal fee.


Participants shall not pick up litter during electrical or wind storms, or during periods of fog or low visibility. Litter pick up shall be performed during daylight hours and shall commence not sooner than one hour after sunrise and end not later than one hour before sunset.


All participants shall work on one side of the roadway at a time. Participants are required to obey all relevant state laws and applicable ordinances regarding vehicular and pedestrian travel, traffic and parking while engaged in permitted activities.


All vehicles shall be parked well off the right-hand shoulder so as not to obstruct sight distance for driveways and road approaches or interfere with traffic operations.


All litter must be placed in bags provided by the Permit Section. Those objects too large/heavy for bags shall be placed next to the bags. Bags and larger objects shall be placed at the outer edge of the shoulder or five feet behind the curb.