Sec.7 - Parades, Events, Celebrations & Festivals

7.1 Authorized Applicants


A permit granting permission to temporarily close a county road for a reasonable length of time for a parade, event, celebration, festival or similar activity or to use a county road as a detour for traffic around such activity taking place on a non-county road, may be issued by the WCRC only to the governing body of a city, incorporated village or township.

7.2 Application Forms


An application for a permit to close or partially close or use as a detour a County road for a parade, event, celebration, festival or similar activity shall be made on a form supplied by the Permit Section.

7.3 Minimum Requirement


Any permit application shall be accompanied by a copy of a resolution of the governing body of the city, village or township requesting permission for the road closure or use as a detour and designating and authorizing an appropriate official to sign the permit documents on its behalf.


The application shall include without limitation the following information:

  1. The nature of the activity for which the permit is requested;
  2. The dates and times it is proposed to close and reopen the county road to traffic;
  3. The roads and/or portions of roads to be closed;
  4. The proposed detour route or routes;
  5. Such other information as the WCRC may require.

7.4 Road Closure Permit Conditions


All permits allowing the closure or partial closure of a road shall be issued subject to the following conditions:

  1. The closure or partial closure of the road and any detour route selected shall allow alternative routes for the reasonably safe and convenient movement of traffic.
  2. No suitable alternate location is available for the parade, event, celebration or festival which would allow greater traffic safety and/or impose less interruption of traffic.
  3. Where a temporary nighttime closure is permitted for a parade, event, celebration, festival or similar activity, all points of potential hazard and all barricades and warning signs shall be lighted at the Permit Holder’s expense. Such lighting must be approved in accordance with requirements and specifications of the WCRC.
  4. All traffic control devices installed in conjunction with the road closure or partial closure and any detour route shall conform to the provisions of then current MMUTCD.
  5. The Applicant or Permit Holder shall, at its sole expense, furnish, install, maintain, and remove when no longer necessary any required traffic control devices.
  6. The city, village or township making the application shall faithfully fulfill all permit requirements and shall indemnify and hold harmless the WCRC from all claims and expenses of any kind or nature arising as a result of the permitted activity.
  7. The Permit Holder shall, at its sole expense, immediately following conclusion of the permitted activity clean up and remove any litter, debris, refuse, etc., placed or left in the right-of-way as a result of the permitted activity. In the event that the Permit Holder fails to clean up as required, causing the WCRC to do the cleanup work, the Applicant shall reimburse the WCRC for the cost thereof.

7.5 Annual Parade Permits

The Permit Section may issue permits to cities, villages, or townships conducting multiple parades or events using the same or similar routes or locations. Permits are subject to the aforementioned conditions.