Sec.6 - Banners

6.1 Authorized Applicants


Pursuant to MCL §247.323 a permit for installation of any banner to be placed within or over county road right-of-way may be issued only to the governing body of a city, incorporated village, or township. Commercial signs shall not be permitted within the right-of-way of any road under the jurisdiction of the WCRC.

6.2 Application Forms


Applications for permits for the erection of banners shall be in the manner prescribed by or on the appropriate forms supplied by the Permit Section.

6.3 Minimum Requirements


Any permit application shall be accompanied by a copy of a resolution of the governing body of the city, village, or township designating an authorized official to make the application for the city, village or township. The resolution shall indemnify and hold harmless the WCRC from all claims and expenses of any kind or nature arising as a result of the permitted banner installation. The application shall be submitted approximately one month in advance of the proposed installation.


The application shall include the following information:

  1. The activity in connection with which the banner is to be placed;
  2. The location of the proposed installation, including distance to overhead traffic control devices;
  3. A description of the banner, including any legend or symbol thereon;
  4. The height of any overhead banner from the road surface to its lowest point;
  5. The dates on which the banner will be erected and removed. This period shall not exceed a time specified by the WCRC. A generally acceptable period of time for banners to be in place is three weeks, except for Holiday decorations, which may be in place for eight weeks;
  6. f) Such other information as the WCRC may require.

6.4 Design & Placement Requirements


Any banner shall be designed, installed, and located so as to avoid danger to those using the road or undue interference with the free movement of traffic or maintenance operations.


Any banner shall be securely fastened, shall have a minimum bottom height of 18 feet above the surface of the traveled way, shall be placed no closer than 100 feet in advance of flashing beacons or traffic control signals, and shall be placed so as not to obstruct a clear view of traffic lights or signals or other traffic control devices. Banners shall not be attached to trees.


No banner shall have displayed thereon any legend or symbol which may in any way be construed to advertise or otherwise promote the sale of or publicize any merchandise or commodity, or which may be construed to be political in nature.


No banner shall have displayed thereon any device that is or purports to be, is an imitation of, resembles, or may be mistaken for a traffic control device, or which attempts to direct the movement of traffic.


Decorations shall not include flashing lights, reflective materials, or other devices that may distract motorists.

6.5 Permit Conditions


Any Permit for the erection or installation of a banner may be revoked by the WCRC if such installation becomes dangerous to those using the road or unduly interferes with the free movement of traffic or maintenance operations.


The city, village or township making application shall faithfully fulfill all permit requirements. Any permit may be revoked by the WCRC upon failure to comply with any permit conditions.