Notification of Start of Work

A condition of the permit issued is that a two-day advanced
notice is provided to the Road Commission before commencing work.
Please e-mail a completed Inspection Request Form to
in order to fulfill this requirement.

Work Complete, Request for Final Inspection

Upon completion of the work covered by a right-of-way permit,
it is necessary to request a final inspection for release of the

Dependant upon the type of work and time of year, processing
may be delayed. For example, some permits require all restoration
including established vegetation to be complete. Those type of
permits are typically released in spring or early summer following
the completion of work. Other delays may be due to certain repairs
required of the contractor by the inspector. All work shall be
complete and all invoices shall be paid prior to prepaid sign
package installation (if applicable) and release of refundable
funds or surety bond.

Should you need assistance in completing an Inspection Request
Form or have general questions regarding a request, please contact the Permit Office at (734) 761-1500.
Inspection Request Forms are also accepted via fax at (734)

Inspection Request Form